Top Five ways a

mobile app strategy

 can speed up your business
— 15 Feb, 2018
In recent times, many business owners have come to realise the immense benefits of devising a mobile app strategy for their businesses. They have now migrated from the leaflets and paper form of marketing and have begun their very own mobile app development strategies all in the bid to create a custom app that will help take their businesses to the next level.

Although an app may not be a cure-all remedy for your business, the ability to bridge the gap between the physical world and technology will offer your business a chance to expand and increase your consumer’s interests and interaction in existing or new products and services. Through a mobile app strategy, Internet of Things solutions will help you create amazing and continued value for your consumers.
Why do I need a Mobile App Strategy? You might feel your business does not need a mobile app to maintain loyal consumers and you may be right. However, the key to having a successful brand for years to come is to prepare for the future and a mobile app strategy is the best way to stay abreast of the dynamic business market.

The mobile app market is growing at a geometric rate and according to App Annie Reports, the overall mobile app industry garnered over $41.1 billion in 2015 and Statista states that this number is expected to exceed $189 billion by 2020. From these numbers, one can easily tell that creating a mobile app strategy for your business is definitely the way of the future.
Factors to consider when devising a mobile app strategy If you are thinking of devising a mobile app strategy, then the best way to go about it would be to hire a mobile app development company. These are experts on IOS app development and android app development and they will work closely with your brand to ensure they incorporate your vision into your mobile app strategy. However, to ensure that you pick the best company, you will need to ask the following questions;
  • Is a mobile app the best way to reach my target audience?
  • What is the average mobile app development cost?
  • What mobile app development services do you offer?
  • How do you plan to support many platforms on a limited budget?
The best Mobile app development company would be well able to answer all your questions to your satisfaction.

Some other factors to have in mind while creating your mobile app strategy are;
  • Ensure your strategy is focused on your target audience: Questions like, who will be using this app? How will it be of benefit to them? Should be answered beforehand. Having a clear knowledge of your consumer’s expectations will help tailor your strategy to suit their needs. For example, Starbucks offers amazing discounts and rewards specifically to app users, this encourages their consumers to order for their coffee via the app.
  • Conduct a thorough market research: conducting a market research in your niche will give you an insight of your competitors’ strategies and expose their weaknesses which you can capitalize upon. This way, you can know what your consumers are looking for in a mobile app and you can focus your strategy to ensure their needs are met.
  • Compatibility with other platforms: bear in mind that your app will be used on different platforms, screens or browsers so you have to ensure that it functions perfectly all round and operates on Android and IOS platforms the way it is supposed to.
  • Budget: mobile app development costs vary so having a clear knowledge of your budget will help you know how to allocate funds to each stage of the mobile app development process. This is to ensure you avoid running out of funds before the process is complete.
  • Security: your app must meet all the security policies laid out to protect the user’s information. A security testing procedure can help uncover all the vulnerabilities your strategy has and show you the key areas to fix.
    Furthermore, Mobile Device Management(MDM) solutions can be used to oversee the activities of your app to ensure that security is tight-knit at all times. Enterprise mobility suite or Enterprise mobility is a security software present in the MDM market that ensures your apps and data are delivered across a wide range of devices while managing to keep your business secure.
  • Monetization: you can decide how you want to monetize your app in a way that it creates more value for your consumers.
How can a Mobile App Strategy Speed up My Business? A lot of forward-thinking and smart business owners are taking great advantage of the mobile app phenomenon to grow their businesses. Here are 5 major ways in which mobile app strategy can help improve your business
  1. Instant Brand Boost: when you have an app, the logo and slogan of your brand will be visible on the phone screens of your users and therefore it will be almost impossible to ignore your company when they need related services. This also enables your app to act like a digital marketing tool for your brand.
  2. Improves Consumer experience: your consumers will be able to access your products and services 24-7 on the move without having to call your help-line or visit your physical locations.
  3. Generate more revenue: you can charge users for app upgrades or by offering creative in-app advertisements opportunities.
  4. Strengthens Brand Loyalty: a mobile app strategy is one of the best ways you can build a strong brand and generate repeat customers. Offering loyalty programs and rewards via your app is an effective way to keep your users engaged and loyal to your brand.
  5. It directs your marketing Strategies: with the aid of a mobile app strategy, you will be able to gain a lot of helpful information like geographic location and demographics about your customers. This will help you tailor your marketing strategies such as newsletters, promotions, prices, special rates etc. to suit their needs.
In conclusion, having a brilliant website for your business is a brilliant way to maintain your customers and keep them satisfied. However, a mobile app strategy will take customer engagement and satisfaction to the next level. Statistics revealed that the average adult spends about three hours daily on apps; this shows that there is an increasing demand for mobile apps worldwide. A mobile app strategy may not be the answer to all the hassles your business might be facing but it is a great way to secure your brand’s presence in your industry.