Compared to other quality mobile app developers, Vaayoo is about 40% less expensive. For this low price, Vaayoo delivers on end to end app and not just piecemeal. Our client entrepreneur brings his concept and vision. We take it from there and create world class designs and workflows, implement both the back end services and the apps on iPhone, Android phones and tablets, help publish the app to app store and then maintain/host the app.

The best part of

the Vaayoo low cost offering

  is that even after the publishing the first version of the app, Vaayoo will do bug fixes, host/maintain the app and also do new feature additions to release new market relevant versions. This way the entrepreneur can focus on the business and Vaayoo will take care of evolving the app as per market needs. Launching the app is just the start of entrepreneurship journey. Keeping it updated and market relevant should be ongoing. Vaayoo's customers dont have to pay huge costs for bug fixes, maintenance/hosting and new feature additions. All this is covered in low monthly maintenance plan.