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8 Steps to build a successful mobile app startup from your idea.
— 11 May, 2018
This blog, written by a successful entrepreneur, articulates 8 simple steps to help you start on your

mobile app development

journey. The content provides very helpful pointers to wannabe entrepreneurs who wouldn’t want to give up your day jobs but would like to implement your idea into a successful mobile app startup

  1. Clearly articulate the Concept/Idea: Articulate the idea clearly. Address questions like: What is the need in the market and how does your app meet this need? What is your app’s value proposition? Your idea should be explainable in a few steps. Read: Five Steps To Clearly Explain Your Startup Idea
  2. Create a Business plan: Make a brief business plan for yourself by answering the following: What is the market for your app? Is there a competition? How will you position the app to your target market? Will you use social media, content marketing, SEO/SEM to market your app? What is your monetization strategy? You may not have answers to all the questions immediately. This shouldn’t stop you from pursuing your idea, you are now thinking like an entrepreneur and you’ll eventually discover answers while on your journey. Continue to research in parallel while working on your idea. Read: How to Write a Business Plan?
  3. Identify Use cases and Features: Define how a typical user will use the app to complete specific tasks. This will lead to creating a feature description for the app. Prioritize the features into a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) that will be available during the launch and subsequent version upgrades. Read: How to Write a Use Case?
  4. User interface (UX/UI): Have a professional designer come up with a few User Experience (UX) concepts for your app. Remember it’s the user experience (UX) that is one of the important aspects for “app stickiness” Iterate over designs. Show them to a few of your prospective customers. Get feedback and incorporate them in your designs. Read: 12 Mobile UX Design Trends
  5. App Development: If you can program for Android and iPhone devices, you can develop the app yourself. Or find a good quality boutique mobile app development company to do it for you. Meet with the Product manager for your app at least once a week to understand the status of the progress. Ask them to give intermediate pre-launch versions of the app so that you can give feedback and not be surprised at the end. Read: Outsourcing More Effective or In-House?
  6. Launch/Publish the app on app store: Publish the app on Google Play and iTunes App store. Make sure you use proper descriptions, quality images and videos to showcase the app on the respective App stores. Remember the descriptions should contain key search words. Also ensure that the app is placed in the right category. Read: How much does it cost to publish a mobile app?
  7. Market the app: This is a very important step that lot of app creators don't do very well. They wrongly assume that if the app is published people will find it. You will need to market the app to rise above the noise of other million apps out there. Market the app using social media, SEO and content marketing. Read: How to Market Your Mobile App?
  8. Incorporate feedback in subsequent versions: Get feedback from your early users and incorporate that feedback into subsequent versions of the app. Read: What Marketers Need to Know About The Mobile App Experience?
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